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TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter TSS meter

TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter TSS meter

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TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter TSS meter

1. Standard benchtop turbidity meter is equipped with a 4.5″ LCD display.
2. 2 to 7 points calibration using the Formazin Standards.
3. Selectable four turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC. 
4. TSS conversion factor ensures accurate measurement for Total Suspended Solids.
5. Continuous measurement mode that can used for indexing and matching the sample vials.
6. Hold function freezes current reading for easy viewing and recording.
7. Password protection prevents the unauthorized calibration and settings.
8. Help message as a operational guide that helps user quickly begin using the meter.
9. System menu allows setting the 9 parameters, including the date and time, resolution, etc.
10. Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default settings.
11. Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 200 readings.
12. Stored data can be transferred into computer by USB communication interface.
1. Measurement Method: ISO7027 nephelometric method (90°)
2. Turbidity Range: 0~2000NTU/FNU, 0~500EBC, 0~9999ASBC
3. Resolution: 0.01 (0~100NTU), 0.1 (100~999NTU), 1 (999~2000NTU)
4. Accuracy: ±2% (0~500NTU), ±3% (501~2000NTU)
5. TSS Range: 0-266TSS (with default conversion factor 0.13, can set by user). 
6. Calibration Standards: 0.02, 10, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 NTU
7. Light Source: Infrared-emitting diode (850nm wavelength)
8. Detector: Silicon photodiode
9. Stray Light: <0.02NTU
10. Sample Vials: 60(H)×25(Dia.)mm
11. Power Off: Manual or Automatic (2 hours after last key pressed)
12. Reset Function: Yes
13. Memory: Stores up to 200 data sets
14. Output: USB communication interface
15. Display: 4.5 inch TFT LCD
16. Power Requirements: DC12V, using AC adapter, 220VAC/50Hz
17. Dimensions: 250(L)×177(W)×96(H)mm
18. Weight: 1.2kg


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