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TC-100 Aquarium Reptile Thermostat and Timer

TC-100 Aquarium Reptile Thermostat and Timer

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TC-100 Aquarium Reptile Thermostat and Timer

1. Blue tape LCD display, simple operation
2. Temperature adjusted per 0.1°C
3. One timer can be set like 20:00~06:00
4. Uses a inbuilt real-time clock to control the light so simulating the day and night as in the real environment
5. Three kinds of temperature alarms, mute function available
6. Can be used in both wet and dry environments
7. Backlight auto shut down if without operation for 10 minutes
8. Small in size making it stylish and discrete
1. Controlling range: 0.0~50.0°C (32~122°F)
2. Measuring range: 0.0~50.0°C (32~122°F)
3. Resolution: 0.1°C/1°F); Accuracy: ±1.0°C / ±2.0°F
4. Over heat alarm: 0.0-5.0°C (can be modified)
5. Time unit: hour (24:00 format)
6. Relay Capacity: 10A/220V; 7A/120V
7. Input voltage: 220VAC or 110VAC, 50/60HZ
8. Product consumption: ≤3W
9. Control resistive load: ≤1200W/220VAC; ≤600W/110VAC
10. Net weight: approx. 620g; Gross weight:approx. 720g
11. Two independent sockets –First socket (nearest power cable) is for heat/cool output; Second socket is for the timer output (for lighting for example). 


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