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TDS & Conductivity Monitor DDG-230

TDS & Conductivity Monitor DDG-230



TDS & Conductivity Monitor DDG-230
TDS & Conductivity monitor with features of automatically temperature compensation, alarm when conductivity reading is greater than the setting value, and water temperature display, is widely used in reverse osmosis to desalinate seawater and electronic micro filter.  
1. Reversible display of conductivity reading and water temperature
2. Input electrode coefficient on the panel
3. Automatically adjustment to zero
Technical Specifications:
1. Measurement range: 0.50ppm-5000ppm, four ranges available to be transferred automatically 0~20.00, 0~200.0, 0~2000, 0~9999µS/cm
2. Temperature compensation: automatic temperature compensation, compensation range 0~60℃, compensation point 25℃
3. Display: 4 digits 0.56’’ LED for conductivity and water temperature display
4. Accuracy: ± 2% (F·S)
5. Electrode: 1.00cm-1 plastic platinum holder, 4’ pipe-thread, cable length 5m
6. Power supply: 220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz
7. Dimensions: frame dimension: 82×82 (mm), panel dimension: 77×77mm, depth: 75mm


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