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TPT-2690 Throttle Potentiometer Tester

TPT-2690 Throttle Potentiometer Tester



Throttle Potentiometer Tester TPT-2690

* Simple-to-use digital meter indicates diesel fuel pressure.
* Connect to battery terminals and fuel pressure sensor signal wire and digital display will show current fuel pressure.
* If required, maximum pressure can be detected.

√Observe standard workshop safety procedures when using this meter.
√Keep the work area clean,uncluttered and ensure there is adequate lighting.Keep tools and other items away from the engine,and ensure you can see the battery and working parts of engine clearly.
√If thr battery terminals are corroded or dirty,clean them before attaching this meter clips.
√Maintain correct balance and footing.Ensure the floor is not slippery and wear non-slip shoes.
√Remove ill fitting clothing.Remove ties,watches,rings and other loose jewellery.Contain,or tie back,long hair.
√Keep children and unauthorised persons away from the working area.
√When not in use store this meter in a safe,dry,childproof location.
XDO NOT dis-assemble this meter.This meter must be checked by qualified service personnel only.
XDO NOT get this meter wet or use in damp or wet locations or areas where there is condensation.
XDO NOT use this meter for any purpose other than for which it is designed.
XDO NOT pull the cables or clips from the battery terminals.
XDO NOT operate this meter if damaged.


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