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TU008,TU009,TU010 Bench Turbidity Meter

TU008,TU009,TU010 Bench Turbidity Meter

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Bench Turbidity Meter TU008, TU009, TU010

Summary of functions
TU serials scattered light turbidity meter is used for measuring the scattering degree of the lights generated by the insoluble grain matters suspended in water or transparent liquids, with capability to characterize the content of these suspended grain matters.
It can be broadly applied in the measurement of turbidity in power plants, waterworks, treatment stations of domestic sewage, beverage factories, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine and pharmacy industries, epidemic prevention divisions, hospitals, and etc.
Product Characteristics
a. The streamlined shape and design, Easy operation with economy price.
b. Large LCD screen with clearly display. Stability electrical system with the low drift, high precision
c. Reliable location structure and high precision light system to make the instrument can work stability.
d. Color compensation ,could avoid the disturbing from the specimen, that can reflect the concept of turbidity correctly.
e. The high intensity of light, without change frequency, warm -up time 30 seconds to work fast.

Model TU008 TU009 TU010
Minimum Principle 90° scattered light
Minimum readout (NTU) 0.01 0.1 0.01
Measuring range (NTU) 0~20 NTU 0~200NTU 0~20, 0~200 NTU
Basic error F.S ±8% (±2.5%F.S)
Repeatability ≤0.8%
Zero draft ±0.8%F.S
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz, 3W
Others Economic Type, Easy Operation, Good Stability.


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