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TU015~TU020 TU015P~TU020P Bench Turbidity Meter

TU015~TU020 TU015P~TU020P Bench Turbidity Meter

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TU015~TU020 TU015P~TU020P Bench Turbidity Meter

Summary of Functions
TU Series scattered light turbidity meter is used for measuring the scattering degree of the lights generated by the insoluble grain matters suspended in water or transparent liquids, with capability to characterize the content of these suspended grain matters.
It can be broadly applied in the measurement of turbidity in power plants, waterworks, treatment stations of domestic sewage, beverage factories, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine and pharmacy industries, epidemic prevention divisions, hospitals, and etc.
Product Characteristics
a. Adopting low-drift and high-accuracy integrated circuit, efficient and time proof light source, effectively ensuring long reliable performance
b. Unique locative structure and high-accuracy light path system, effectively ensuring exactness and repeatability;
c. The configuration with the high-automatic & multi-function microcomputer, equipped with the RS232 serial communication interface to connect the printer.
d. The imbedded clock memory & storage system can store the measurement & correction data in real time, and can store and transfer 20 groups of the measurement data for long time, and can be used for the historic reference.
e. The quick automatic correction, with the prompt of the self-diagnosis information, rapid and stable response, reliable maintenance-free operation

Model (P with printer) TU015 TU016 TU017 TU018 TU019 TU020
TU015P TU016P TU017P TU018P TU019P TU020P
Minimum Principle 90° scattered light
Minimum readout (NTU) 0.01 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.01 0.001
Measuring range (NTU) 0~20 0~10 0~10 0~50 0~10 0~10
0~200 0~100 0~100 0~500 0~100 0~100
—- —- 0~500 —- 0~500 0~500
—- —- —- —- 0~1000 0~1000
Basic error (F.S) ±0.6% (±2% F.S)
Repeatability ≤0.5% F.S
Zero draft (F.S) ±0.5% F.S
Note Average measuring method, Year/Month/Day/Time display, Data record and auto range change, auto zero, 1~5 point calibration, RS232 port


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