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USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger D25, D50, D99

USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger D25, D50, D99



Model: D25 Max Recording 25 Days, 5 Minute Sample rate (Suggested Use: 1-25 Days) 
Model: D50 Max Recording 50 Days, 10 Minute Sample rate (Suggested Use: 25-50 Days) 
Model: D99 Max Recording 99 Days, 20 Minute Sample rate (Suggested Use: 50-99 Days)
Product overview
USB port Connected with Computer Directly for Data reading, saving, printing, easy to use. This model of temperature recorder is efficient, durable and portable, economical and practical for low cost requirement. As our products are made of superior soft material, they are shock-proof, dust-proof and fog-proof. This model we produced is characterized by its compact size and high accuracy. Even if the power is using up, it still can be used for reading and printing data. Widely used in Lab, Shipping, Transportation, and Food Monitoring for cold-chain management. Vaccines Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, chemical medicines monitoring Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.
Technical parameters
Temperature Range: -40°F ~185°F, -40°C ~85°
Accuracy: ±0.8°F (±0.5°C)
Resolution: 0.01°F/ 0.01°C
Battery: Lithium Manganese Battery
Storage life: 3-5 Years normal use
Dimension: 3.5″ x 1.3″ x 0.5″(8.9cm * 3.4 cm *1.2 cm)
Weight: 1.25 oz.( 35g ) 
Operating Instruction 
Start Record: Hold down button about 3 seconds. Red indicator will flash 3 times, then flash 10 times fast that means data logger has been started.
Recording Logger: Red indicator flashes once per 5 seconds that means logging status.
Data Read: Please install software on PC to read, save and analyze recorded data.
End of Record: Data logger will stop automatically after read data. Red indicator will be long on bright when press start button that means the data logger has been used, the logging recorded data will be saved forever.


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