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WRS-400, WRS-500 Lab Tester Digital Melting Point Apparatus

WRS-400, WRS-500 Lab Tester Digital Melting Point Apparatus

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WRS-400, WRS-500 Lab Tester Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Common Features WRS-400, WRS-500
1. Sample chamber accommodates three different sample
2. Measurement range: room temperature to 400/300⁰C
3. Temperature setting and display resolution: 0.1 ⁰C
4. Ramping rate to fast stage setting temperature: 20 ⁰C /min
5. The slow speed can be set as lowest as 0.1 ⁰C /min
6. When reaching the fast stage temperature, machine will beep to remind users to continue the next step. Users do not need to keep an eye on the operation
7.The “Read” button can simultaneously hold the melting reading and heating and easily differentiate the melting points of the three samples.
8. Calibration capable both chemically or external probe

Additional Features of WRS-400
1. Built with internal fan to speed up the cool down process of the machine. The cooling rate is 25 ⁰C /min
2. The cooling process is automatically started when the analysis process ended, and the fan will be turned off when the temperature reaching 5⁰C /min below fast stage temperature. It will help users quickly to do the next analysis
3 Double display in both outside and inside view. It help users frequently prevent frequently switching gaze between eyepiece and outside LED display
4. A hand-held “READ” push button helps users to record data quickly without looking for the “READ” button in the fascia.
5. Capable of recording data. Data will be stored permanently until erase.
6. Optional printer can be used for WRS-400. The printer can simultaneously print out the temperature reading with the date and sample ID when pushing “READ” button.
Technical Specification:
Model WRS-400 WRS-500
Temperature range (ºC ) Ambient to 400 Ambient to 300
Cooling Rate (ºC/min)  25ºC/min No have this function
Inside Block Temperature View YES NO
Hand held “READ” push button YES NO
Data Recording YES NO
Printer Available  YES, optional accessories NO
Temperature accuracy (ºC )  ± 0.5 ± 0.5
Display Four digit LED  Four digit LED
Display resolution (ºC ) 0.1 0.1
Readout and temperature hold Yes Yes
Calibration Capability Yes Yes
Number of samples 3 3
Fast Stage Ramp rate (ºC/min ) 20 fixed 20 fixed
Slow Ramp rates adjustable between 1 to 10 adjustable between 1 to 10
Dimensions (w x d x h) 160 x 220 x 170mm 160 x 220 x 170mm
Net weight  1.8 Kg 1.8 Kg


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