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WTM-1 Whiteness Meter

WTM-1 Whiteness Meter

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WTM-1 Whiteness Meter

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WTM-1 (WSB-1): ISO Blue Light WB=R457
WTM-1X (WSB-1C): ISO Blue Light WB=R457; Fluorescent whiteness; Opacity

Product Characteristics:
1. AC & DC power supply, low power consumption, cabinet and handsome contour design, facilitating field and lab use
2. Configured with auto power-off function ad low power dissipation circuit, able to effectively prolong service life of battery
3. Adopting big-screen highly transparent LCD display, with comfortable reading, and free of ill influence from sunlight
4. The simple operation, and can accurately measure the opacity degree of the paper
5. Adopt the standard white plate rated by the central government to convey the standard value, and the measurement is accurate and reliable
6. Configured with output port of measured values, possible to connect with recording meter
Measuring Range: 0~199
Measuring Condition: 45/0
Resolution: 0.1
Measuring Hole Diameter: 15
Zero Drift: 0.1
Basic Error: 1
Repeatability: 0.2
External Dimension: 235*75*65mm
Power Supply: DC 1.5V, 5 AA alkaline dry cells; AC 220V/50Hz DC7.5V 0.2A power supply adapter


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