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X-Ray Pipeline Crawler

X-Ray Pipeline Crawler

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X-Ray Pipeline Crawler

X-ray Pipeline Crawler it is used for welding line inspection. Compared with other testing machine, x-ray machine is more strictly and the result can be kept easily for long terms. It is special designed for pipeline joint inspection project, to assure the quality in pipeline construction. Compared with portable x-ray machine, it is much more automatic and high efficient.
1- Electronic speed control technology is adopted to achieve the slow starting and low speed positioning. It can guarantee the x-ray point to face the joint more accurately.
2- Perform very good and won’t be affected by the electric welding machine.
3- It uses multiple real-time function to protect the X-ray generator from water, over-voltage, over current, and overheat.
4- It also has the ability to inspect the energy of battery automatically. The crawler will turn back if the battery is under low power. If no signal, it also returns automatically after 30 minutes.
1. X-ray system has constant voltage control function to ensure the density of the x ray is consistent ,not impacted by the battery. It also has the ability to save energy and protect the motor from over-current.
2. Safe and reliable generator adopts SF6 gaseous insulator, grounded-anode, and air fan cooling.
3. High purity and high density aluminium radiator is specially designed for our instrument. High temperature installation technology is adopted to improve 30% more heat radiation.
4. The HV coils made by imported enamel wire are applied in the x-ray generator, so as to make the quality of the complete equipment improved a great deal.
Panoramic lead-acid battery is selected for our crawler. Compared with the lithium battery, our battery can store energy 30% more. Lead-acid battery can also resist higher temperature, so it can avoid explosion under the overheating condition

Model XR-S1 XR-4C XR-3C XR-10C
Locating System Magnetic Medium Control (180x120x145mm,1.98kg)
Available Outside Diameter 6-12″/159-323mm 8.6~14″/219~355mm 12.7~25″/323~630mm 20~47″/60″;508~1400mm (with spindle)
Crawler Dimensions  2930*Φ125mm  1490x170x150mm  1300x190x200mm  1350x240x350mm
Position Precision ±3mm
Moving Distance  6km 5km (Round trip)
Crawler Weight  40kg 37kg  57kg  93kg
Lead Acid Battery  9Ah (LI)  7Ah  12Ah  17Ah
Battery Weight  19kg  28kg  44kg  64kg
Max Climbing Slope  10°  20°  30°  40°
Turning Radius ≥10D ≥7D
Drive Type Two Wheels Driven  Four Wheels Driven
Full charge exposure  40min 60min 90min
Crawling Speed  15m/min 18m/min
Suitable X-ray Generator 1005L 1005;1605 1605; 2005; 2505 2005; 2505; 3005

X-RAY Generator

Model 1005L 1005 1605 2005 2505  3005
Max. Penetrate 8mm 10mm 15mm  30mm 35mm 35mm
Min Diameter  125mm 219mm 273mm 323mm 457mm 500mm
Generator Dimension 125*940mm 170*870mm 200*900mm 245*910mm 290*970mm 310*1070mm
Generator Weight 14kg 14kg 18kg 23kg 33kg 39kg
Generator Voltage 100kV 100kV 60-160kV 100-200kV 150-250kV 200-300kV
Focus Size 1.0*2.5mm 1.0*2.5mm 1.0*3.5mm 1.0*3.5mm 1.0*5.0mm 1.0*6.0mm
Radiation Angle 360° x 40°
Exposure Time 0-5min
Anode Target Cone target
Operate Temp. -20~+75


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