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YPD-300C Tablet Hardness Tester

YPD-300C Tablet Hardness Tester



YPD-300C Tablet Hardness Tester

YPD-300C tablet hardness tester using the international advanced sensor circuit, the electrical feed for automatic measurement. The tester is easy to operate, high-precision test and the number arguments show the measurement data with intuitively. the hereinbefore in order to hold the reliable basis of the tablet hardness VS coating, storage and transportation as well as provide with a strong basis for the reliability of measurement of tablets and tablet hardness of the collapse, release (Dissolution) of experimental data.
Technical Parameters:
Max Dia. Of tablet: 30mm
Tablet pressure range: 2~30kg
Testing accuracy: ±0.5% of max
distinguishes rate: 0.01kg
Input power: 30W
Noise: <50dB
Power: 220V±10% 50Hz
Size: 470×290×174mm
Net Weight: 15kgs


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