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YX-2 Epi-fluorescent Attachment

YX-2 Epi-fluorescent Attachment

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YX-2 Epi-fluorescent Attachment

The Epi-fluorescent Attachment can be equipped flexibly with ordinary microscope as an Epi-fluorescent Microscope. Which present Excellent image quality and widely used in venereal disease examination and immuneless diagnosis.


Comfortable Operation with New Adjustable Knob of New Lamp Housing and Prevent Light from Leaking

More Stable, Reliable Power Supplier NFP-1, with Display and Timer



Reflected Light Source

Blue, Green Exciting Light Filter System and O Ordinary Light System

Ultraviolet, Violet Exciting Light Filter System and O Ordinary Light System


100W HBO Ultra Hi-voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp

Protection Barrier

Barrier to Resist the Ultraviolet Light

Power Supplier

Power Supplier NFP-A,AC Input 220V, Indicator Display


Power Supplier NFP-1, AC Input 220V/ 110V (Interchangeable), Digital Display and Timer

Fluorescent Objective 4×, 10×, 40× (S), 100× (S, Oil)

Immersion oil

Fluorescence Free Oil


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