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7291 Gas Leakage Detector

7291 Gas Leakage Detector

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Gas Leakage Detector 7291

•Detects Methane & Propane Gas leakage
•Single color LED display 5-level leak
•Alarm & LED flash
•Battery low indication 
•Auto calibration while powers on
•Built in earphone jack
•Features Mute function
•Quality semi-conductor sensor
•Quick response
•High sensitivity
Range: Methane: 40~640ppm
Propane: 40~640ppm
Sensitivity: 40ppm
Response time: within 10 seconds
Warm up time: within 60 seconds
Operating condition: -5~45ºC, 5~95% RH
Power: 4 x AA or 9V adaptor
Size: 175 x 47 x 28mm
Weight: 120g
Flexible probe length: 18″/465mm


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