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SPD202/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

SPD202/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

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SPD202/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

Gas leakage detecting of city gas
Combustible gas leakage detecting of petrochemical industry
Combustible gas leakage detecting of Shipbuilding industry
Combustible gas leakage detecting of Depot, gas station
Combustible gas leakage detecting of oil tank truck
Combustible gas leakage detecting of fire & rescue industry
Intellectualized design, with recording function, can record up to 99 sets of data.
Chameleon background lighting, white, green and red, react three different measurement condition.
Acousto-optic alarming, easy to set.
Power: 4×1.5V AA battery.
Ergonomically case designed, beautiful outlook, nice operate feeling and easy to carry.
Sealed pouch can improve the performance of explosion-proof.
Measured gas type: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas and other combustible gas, organic solvent volatilization gas of gasoline, alcohol, ketone, etc
Measuring range: 0~100%LEL
Resolution: 0.1% LEL 
Measurement error: ≤5% 
Test result read time: 10 seconds


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