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A005-5 Conductivity Meter

A005-5 Conductivity Meter



Conductivity Meter A005-5

•Design of board card modularity, for convenience of assembly and configuration.
•2.4 inches 12864 lattice screen.
•Isolating transmitting output, with little interference.
•Isolating RS485 communication.
•EC/TDS measurement, temperature measurement,top/bottom limit control,transmitting output, RS485 communication.
•Configurable manual and auto temperature offset function.
•Configurable upper/lower limit warning and delay.
•Configurable hummer and LCD backlight switch.
•Addition of universal password.
•Industrial controlled door keep, to avoid instrument halted.
Configurable isolating transmitting 4-20mA output,max.loop750Ω, 0.1%FS.
Measuring range:
0.01 electrode: 0.02~20.00us/cm
0.1 electrode: 0.2~200.0us/cm
1.0 electrode: 2~2000us/cm
10.0 electrode: 20~20000us/cm
Accuracy: ±1%FS
Stability: ±1%FS/24H
Temperature measuring range:-10-130°C, accuracy: ±0.5°C, NTC10K or PT1000 temperature offset
Temperature compensation:-10-130°C manual/auto
RS485 function: compactible with standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
Supply power:AC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz
Warning relay:AC250V,3A


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