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AMN51 Professional Single Angles Gloss meter

AMN51 Professional Single Angles Gloss meter

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Professional Single Angles Gloss meter AMN51

AMN51 gloss meter is produced according to the national verification regulation of JJG696 standard, adopt long life light source, good repeatability, small volume, high precision and good stability. It is mainly used on coatings, printing ink, paint, paint, wood, marble, granite, polishing brick, brick of pottery and porcelain, plastic, paper, metal and non-metallic materials.
1. One button to complete measurement: one operation can complete measurement; Measuring light incident angle meet ISO 2813 three measuring light incident angle
2. Manually entering standard samples gloss data
3. Humanized design, good man-machine communication interface
4. Single angle can store 10000 testing records, storage structure is: 100 prototypes, each prototype with 100 testing data
5. Data browsing and viewing function
6. The machine has automatic shutdown function, low power warning functions, full data storage hint functions
7. USB communication interface to communicate with PC
8. PC software can be extended more functions


1. Measuring Angle: 60°
2. Measuring Range: 60°: 0~1000GU
3. Measuring Spot: 60°: 9x15mm
4. Division Value: 0~1000GU: 0.1; 1000~2000GU: 1
5. Repeatability: 0~100GU: 0.2; >100GU: 0.2%
6. Indication Error: ±1.5GU
7. Zero Error: 0.2GU
8. Working Temperature: 10~40°C
9. Storage Temperature: -10~70°C
10. Humidity Range: Relative humidity less than 85%, without condensation
11. Power Adapter: alkaline batteries/power adapter
12. Size: 159x49x72mm
13. Weight: 500g


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