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AMT8900 Professional Alcohol Tester

AMT8900 Professional Alcohol Tester

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AMT8900 Professional Alcohol Tester

1. Law Enforcement Alcohol Tester with built-in/detachable and stand-alone thermal/dot matrix printer.
2. Fuel cell sensor: Sensor Module changeable design more convenient for recalibration and module change
3. Key input: Simplify keyboard with touch panel
4. Display: 2.83″ OLED screen, applicable for wide range of working temperature
5. Quick and precise analysis: Ensure a high sensitivity to alcohol and stable & reliable working life
6. Memories: 20,000 memories stored with full information, like driver information, vehicle No., Police ID, testing result and type, date and time, location, calibration date etc.
7. Built-in/detachable printer: the printer can be detached to be stand-alone to work separately, also stand-alone thermal, dot-matrix printer optional
8. GPS: Geography information provided by GPS
9. Data Upload: PC upload by USB
10. Password management: password can be changed by users
11. Indication unit: Multi – unit (mg/L, mg/100ml, g/L, ‰ BAC, % BAC) optional 
12. Mouthpiece: disposable anti-return mouthpiece design
13. Power supply: Rechargeable Li battery, 7.4V/2500mA 
14. Display range: 0.000-2.000mg/L(0~440mg/100mL,0.000~4.000g/L,0.000~0.400%BAC,0.000~2.000‰ BAC) 
15. Auto flow monitoring: Flow detection automatically
16. Temperature range: working range -30°C-50°C 
17. Accuracy: <0.400 +/-0.020 mg/L; 0.400 – 1.000 +/-5%; 1.000 – 2.000 +/-20% 
18. Continuous working time: more than 20hours in normal testing conditions.
19. Standard: comply with CE, NF, OIML126, DOT


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