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Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge TG16-WS

Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge TG16-WS

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Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge TG16-WS

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TG16-WS: LCD display
TG16-WS-E: LED display
1. Reliable drive system, with low noise level and running stable.
2. Protection for door lid, over-speed, and imbalance.
3. Easy operation, and easy to load and unload rotors.
4. Stainless steel chamber and full metal structure.
5. With manual emergency lid release for unexpected power interruption.
6. Brushless induction motor with frequency drive ensures gentle start.
Technical Specifications:
1. Display: LED display (model TG16-WS-E); LCD display: TG16-WS
2. Max Speed: 16000r/min
3. Max RCF: 178000×g
4. Timer Range: 0~99min
5. Acceleration Rate: 1~9 grade
6. Deceleration Rate: 1~9 grade
7. Motor Convert motor: Noise ≤85dB(A)
8. Power Supply: AC220v 50Hz 5A
9. Dimension: 525×415×345mm (L×W×H)
10. Weight 35kg
Optional Rotors:

No.1: Max Speed:16000r/min; Max Capacity:12×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:17800xg 
No.2: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:8×5ml AR; Max RCF:11400xg
No.3: Max Speed:12000r/min; Max Capacity:12×10ml AR; Max RCF:14800xg 
No.4: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:24×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg
No.5: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:18×0.5ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg 
No.6: Max Speed:13500r/min; Max Capacity:36×1.5/2.2ml AR; Max RCF:17600xg
No.7: Max Speed:11000r/min; Max Capacity:6×50ml AR; Max RCF:12000xg
No.8: Max Speed:10000r/min; Max Capacity:4×100ml AR; Max RCF:9800xg
No.9: Max Speed:4000r/min; Max Capacity:2×2×48 holes; Max RCF:1760xg
No.10: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:6×30ml AR; Max RCF:17000xg
No.11: Max Speed:13000r/min; Max Capacity:6×15ml AR; Max RCF:15100xg
No.12: Max Speed:8000r/min; Max Capacity:8×50ml AR; Max RCF:9800xg



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