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CCT-5320 CCT-5310 CCT-5300E Conductivity Controller

CCT-5320 CCT-5310 CCT-5300E Conductivity Controller



CCT-5320 CCT-5310 CCT-5300E Conductivity Controller

Widely used for pharmacy, food, beverage, paper making, environment protection or chemical industries.
1. Power supply: 
    CCT-5320E: AC 220±10%
    CCT-5310E: AC 110±10%
    CCT-5300E: DC24V±4V 
2. Conductivity Cell Constant: 0.010cm-¹ (0.05~18.25MΩ, 0.100cm-¹ (0.5~200us/cm) (Optional); 1.00 (Standard, range 1.0-2000us/cm); 10.00cm-¹ (500~20000us/cm) (optional)  
3. Measurement Range: Conductivity 0.05μS/cm~20000uS/cm; TDS: 0.25~100ppm, 0.5~1000ppm (standard); 250~10000ppm; Temp.: 0~50°C (Temp. compensation component: NTC10K) 
4. Resolution: Conductivity: 0.01μS/cm; 0.01mS/cm; TDS: 0.01ppm; Temp.: 0.1°C 
5. Accuracy: Conductivity: 1.5% (FS); TDS: 1.5% FS; Temp.: ±0.8°C 
6. Temp. Compensation Range: 0~50°C (with25°C as standard)  
7. 4~20mA: 1)Channels: Single channel, isolated; 2) Characteristics: Reversible, fully adjustable, instrument / transmitter mode for selection; 3) Loop resistance: 400Ω max, DC24V; 4) Accuracy: ±0.1mA 
8. Control contacts: 1) Channels: Single channel; 2) Relay contacts: SPDT; 3) Load capacity: AC 220V/3A Max; AC 110V/5A Max; DC 24V/3A Max 
9. Work Environment: Temp: 0~50°C, relative humidity: <85%RH, 
10. Storage Environment: Temp: -20~60°C; relative humidity: <85%RH 
11. Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 105mm 
12. Hole size: 91 x 91mm (H x W) 
13. Installation: Panel mounted, fast installation
Conductivity cell selection
CON3133-13: (0.1cm-¹) sanitary grade 316L sensor used for RO pure water measuring, optional;
CON1134-13: (1.0 cm-¹) plastic sensor used for industry water, tap water and cooling water measuring;
CON2134-13: (1.0 cm-¹) graphite sensor used for municipal and industrial pure water measuring, optional;
CON2135-13: (10.0 cm-¹) graphite sensor used for waste water and high salinity water measuring
Note: CON1134-13 (1.0 cm-¹) can’t be used for food, beverage, medical or sanitary industries.


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