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CM-230KL Conductivity Controller

CM-230KL Conductivity Controller



Conductivity Controller CM-230KL

This instrument is a panel instrument for on-line monitoring of industrial process conductivity. Range switch over and constant check can both be freely set and adjusted through the operation component on the rear panel; unique signal collecting and processing technology and special thick film circuit are adopted to make measurement accurate and operation stable; there are also other features such as linearized data, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the length change of cable and maintenance-free. It has control function, including setting of over limit of conductivity, and the outputs are control contacts. It’s an ideal auxiliary instrument of various types of small pure water equipment.


1. Measurement range: 0~20.00, 0~200.0, 0~2000, 0~9999μS/cm automatic switch, Temp.:0~100°C
2. Accuracy: ±2% (FS)
3. Display mode: 4 digit 0.56″ (14mm) LED digital display
4. Auxiliary electrode: K=1.00 plastic electrode (K=0.1 0~200.0μS/cm, K=0.01 0~20.00μS/cm optional, plastic or stainless steel)
5. Thread dimension: G1/2″ pipe thread
6. Current Output: 4~20mA
7. Relay Control: Single 1 high point setting, contact capacity 3A/220V; 2 High Low points setting (optional)
8. Temperature compensation: Automatic compensation 0~60°C
9. Power supply: AC220V ±10%; 50Hz or DC24V (optional)
10. Operation pressure of conductance cell: 0~0.5MPa
11. Cable length: 5m or on other agreement
12. Dimensions: 48 x 96 x 100mm
13. Slot dimensions for installation: 45 x 91mm


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