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D-1601 D-1602 Handheld Homogenizers

D-1601 D-1602 Handheld Homogenizers

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D-1601 D-1602 Handheld Homogenizers

D-1601: 0.1~50ml   D-1602: 1~250ml
It is a rotor/stator type hand held tissue homogenizer which can rapidly dispersing, homogenizing, extractions, cell disruption, mixing, emulsifying, suspending samples in 0.1~5ml of liquid or 1~250ml depending on the dispersing shaft. During operation, the suspended material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor turning at up to 30,000rpm.
The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the stator where it is rapidly sheared and disintegrated by high shear mechanical action. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is usually achieved in a few seconds. Little, if any, heat is produced during the process
1. Speed range: 8,000-30,000rpm
2. Sample volume range: 0.1~50ml or 1~250ml
3. Speed control: 6 position control dial 
4. Motor type: Universal motor, 130 Watt
5. pH range: 2-13
6. Fineness: Suspensions & Emulsion 10-15 & 1-10um
7. Noise emission: 54 dB(A) at 30,000 rpm
8. Dimensions: 2.5L x 2.5W x 8H inches (drive only)
9. Weight: 18lbs (with stand) 1.5lbs (drive only)
10. Voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60Hz


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