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D-500PK1 D-500PK2 Handheld Homogenizers

D-500PK1 D-500PK2 Handheld Homogenizers

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D-500PK1 D-500PK2 Handheld Homogenizers

D-500PK1: shaft 1 for solid/liquid media, 10-5000ml
D-500PK2: shaft 2 for Water in Oil or Oil in Water emulsions, 10-5000ml
– Viscosity up to 10,000mPas
– Continuously adjustable speeds for better results
– Light-weighted and small-dimensioned for better handling
– Triple safety of the drive, overload protection and smooth start – against jerky work, safety switch
– 316L steel High quality dispersing tools as standard for better resistance to corrosion
– Quick change system of the dispersing tools for a short changing time between preparations
1. Speed Range: 10000~30000rpm
2. Sample volume: 10~5000ml
3. Voltage 230V 50/60Hz, 110V 50/60Hz
2. Power input/output 500/380 Watt
3. Rotor speed between 22,7 to 36m/sec
4. Weight: 13kg
5. Sound Pressure Level: 79dB(A)
6. Double Insulated
7. Speed Setting Infinitely Variable
8. Permissible Ambient Temperature 5°C – 40°C
9. Relative Humidity 85%
10. Permissible Period of Operation 100%
11. Protection IP20
12. Dimensions 70mm x 70mm x 255mm


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