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Digital Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Porcelain Plate AMTAST PRO

Digital Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Porcelain Plate AMTAST PRO

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Digital Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Porcelain Plate AMTAST PRO


1. High accuracy of heating temperature controlling and the control of safe temperature 
2. Hotplate with porcelain enamel surface with excellent chemical resistance 
3. 2 adjustable safety circuits 
4. Separateness temperature sensor, protection temperature can be set 
5. Temperature sensor for heat transfer fluid and medium available (PT1000) 
6. Warning display indicating presence of any residual heat when the unit is switched off 
7. A, B, C Mode, ensure the stirring function not change due to external factors
8. Bushing according to DIN 12878 for the use of contact thermometers


1. Model: AMTAST PRO
2. Voltage: 100-120/200-240V
3. Frequency: 50/60HZ
4. Power: 550W
5. Stirring point position quantity: 1
6. Max. stirring quantity (H2O): 20L
7. Stirring point position quantity: 80mm
8. Motor type: External rotor brushless motor
9. Motor rating input: 18W
10. Motor rating output: 10W
11. Speed range: 100-1500RPM
12. Speed display: LCD
13. Speed display accuracy: 1RPM
14. Material: Porcelain enamel
15. Dimension of Plate: φ135mm
16. Heating power: 500W
17. Heat rate (1Lwater): 6K/min
18. Heating Temperature Range: RT ~ 340oC (RT~ 644oF)
19. Temperature display: LCD
20. Temperature display accuracy: 0.1oC
21. Control accuracy of heating temperature: 1oC
22. Adjustable safety circuit (heating plate): 100-350oC
23. Control accuracy of heating temperature with temperature: 0.2oC
24. Temperature sensor of extra position: PT1000
25. Dimension: 280×160×85mm
26. Weight: 2.8Kg
27. Permissible ambient temperature:; 5-40oC
28. Permissible relative humidity: 80%
29. Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529: IP42
30. RS232 interfaces: Yes


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