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MS200 Magnetic Stirrer

MS200 Magnetic Stirrer

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MS200 Magnetic Stirrer

MS200 magnetic stirrer is designed in high performance digital circuit and CPU.
Digital Speed Control:
The stirrer is press-key designed to adjust speed, which prevent the stirring bar from stopping. The indicator display the stirrer’s motor speed.
What’s included: Stir bar

1. Maximum Stirring Volume: 0~2000mL
2. Stirring Speed Range: 0~1250RPM
3. Top Plate Size: 135mm x 135mm
4. Panel Material: Stainless Steel
5. Timer: 999 minutes
6. Stir Bar’s Dimensions: 30(L) x Dia.7mm
7. Power Requirements: 220VAC/50Hz
8. Dimensions: 230(L) x 180(W) x 120(H)mm
9. Weight: 2.7kg


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