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Digital Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter XRY-1A

Digital Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter XRY-1A

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1. The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T213 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of coal”, GB/T384 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products” and Calibration Regulation of People’s Republic of China JJG672 “Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter”.
2. The heat capacity of the instrument is 14400~14500J/K, and it is suitable for the determination of water-free oil products (gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil and fuel oil, etc.) and combustible material such as coal, coke, paraffin wax content determination of calorific value.
Main technical features
1. The instrument uses a self sealed oxygen bomb, all the structure of the use of stainless steel, the strength is sufficient to withstand the maximum pressure generated by solid combustion (70 ~ 60ATM), and can withstand the pressure of liquid fuel generated by the greater pressure.
2. The inner tube of the instrument is made by stainless steel sheet, section of pears, put the barrel of water was 3000grams, water cylinder with electric blender, to ensure that the inner tube water bath temperature uniformity.
3. The instrument of the external water jacket is a double container and experiment when filled with water, through the water jacket mixer to cylinder in uniform temperature, formed to meet the test requirements of the constant temperature environment.
Main technical specifications
1. Heat capacity: 14000~15000J/K;
2. Temperature resolution: 0.001K;
3. Thermal error: ≤60J/g;
4. Temperature measurement range: 10ºC~35ºC;
5. Repeatability error: ≤0.2% (Grade C);
6. Pressure endured by Oxygen bomb: 20MPa;
7. Ambient temperature: 15ºC~28ºC (room temperature), The temperature fluctuation during each test should be not more than 1ºC;
8. Storage Temperature data: 31
9. Ambient humidity: less than 85%;
10. Power supply: AC220±5%V, 50Hz;
11. Total power consumption: less than 150W.
12. Dimensions: 600 x 460 x 430mm (PC is not included). 
Note: If the test sample is pulverized coal samples, in order to obtain better test results, we recommend separately of the company’s private press cake machine.


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