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DL8M-12L Super Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

DL8M-12L Super Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

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DL8M-12L Super Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge
1. Advanced microprocessor control and direct drive system to make the drive system work more stably.
2. Use the compressor from TAIKANG, FRENCH. with the accurate temperature control system.
3. Max capacity:6×2400ml or processing 18 pieces of 400ml blood bag at one time.
4. The machine has a easy-going operator interface with the help of Soft-touch panel, liquid and digital display, program operation.
5. To ensure high-quality operations You can design 35 operation programs, It let you control the speed rates from 0-9 profiles, you can quickly recall up to 9 daily-use programmable operation choose the best centrifugal process and get the best result.
6. With the self-diagnostic system and protection for imbalance. over speed, over temperature. This machine can make a great protection for people and machine.
7. Widely used in the field of blood station, pharmaceutical factory, biochemistry. biological products and so on.
Model DL8M-12L
DL8M-12L 4600r/min
Max RCF 7060xg
Max Capacity 6×2400ml、6×3×400ml
Speed Accuracy ±50r/min
Timer Range 0-23h 59 min
ac/dc Rate 0-9grade
control&drive microprocessor control/direct drive
Daily-use Program 9
Pragram Storage 35
Refrigeration System R404aNon Refrigeration System
Motir Power 3KW
Pefrigerator Power 2.5KW
Noise ≤65dB(A)
Power Supply AC220v 50Hz 35A
Weight 500kg
Dimension 960×860×1200mm(L×W×H)


Max Speed



NO.1 Swing Rotor 4000r/min 5900 xg 2×6×1000 ml
NO.2 Swing Rotor 4000r/min 7060 xg 6×2400 ml
NO.3 Swing Rotor 4000r/min 5900 xg 24×200ml 12×400-500m


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