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DO-608 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DO-608 Dissolved Oxygen Meter



Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-608

1. With the function of double displays of dissolved oxygen concentration value and temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation value and temperature
2.Measuring D.O. concentration, saturation, electrode current and temperature; With the functions of automatic temperature compensation and calibration of zero oxygen, full scale, atmosphere pressure and salinity. 
3.The meter has the function of protection from electricity cutting off. With Measuring results can be stored, deleted, viewed and printed. At most 250 sets of data can be stored.
4. With wide screen LCD. It is easy to operate with the prompt facility. With PC panel of new material, thus the meter has good reliability.
5. With low power consumption design, with the functions of lack of voltage display, switching off automatically.
6.With RS-232 interface which is connected and with Model TP-16 printer to print measuring results or connected with computer to communicate.
7.Grade of the case protection is IP65, resistant to water and dirt, suitable for field operation 
8.The electrode system is composed of polarographic oxygen electrode and temperature electrode.
1.Measuring range: Dissolved oxygen concentration: (0.00~19.99)mg/L; Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)%; Temperature: (0~40.0)ºC.
2.Automatic temperature compensation range: (0.0~40.0)ºC.
3.Accuracy of the meter: D.O. concentration: ±0.3mg/L±1bit(basic temperature);±0.5mg/L (differ: ±15ºC from basic temperature); D.O. saturation : ±5.0% (basic temperature); ±10.0% differ: ±15ºC from basic temperature; Temperature: ±0.5ºC±1bit.
4.Repeatability of the meter: ≤0.2mg/L.
5.Stability of the meter: not over ±0.2mg/L within one hour.
6.Remaining current: ≤0.1mg/L.
7.Response time ≤20s (90% response at 20.0ºC).
8.Salinity calibrating range: (0.0~40.0)g/L.
9.IP65 protection grading


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