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DT5-3 Low Speed Centrifuge

DT5-3 Low Speed Centrifuge

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DT5-3 Low Speed Centrifuge


Brushless DC Motor. SCM-controlled. Preset rotation speed, time and centrifugal force. Liquid crystal display, touch screen. Pre-warning and alarm system to provide various protections. New panel design, easy to operate. A preferable centrifuge for hospital clinical examinations, and centrosomes examinations.


1. Max Speed: 5000r/min
2. Max RCF: 4360×g
3. Time Range: 0~999min
4. Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz 8A
5. Dimension: 510 x 410 x 310mm
6. Weight: 30kg
7. Rotor Capacity:
    1) 10ml x 8 x 4, 3500r/min
    2) 5ml blood tube x 12 x 4, 4200r/min
    3) 2ml blood tube adapter x 48, 4200r/min
    1) 100ml x 4, 5000r/min
    2) 10ml x 3 x 4, 5000r/min
    3) 5ml x 15 x 4, 4200r/min
    4) 96 holes plates x 2, 2000r/min


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