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GM-2000 3 Angles 20/60/85 Degree Gloss meter

GM-2000 3 Angles 20/60/85 Degree Gloss meter

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3 Angles 20/60/85 Degree Gloss meter GM-2000

Widely used in Floor maintenance, Surface cleaning quality control, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Checking printed matter, Quality control of paint and ink, Polished metal surface ,measurement (chrome plating), Inspection of paint protection and waxing, Auto-body paint inspection, Surface inspection of plastic moldings, Evaluation of detergents and washers, Checking masonry and washers, Checking building exteriors.
1. In accordance with international standard ASTMD523, ASTMD1455, ASTMC346, ASTMC584, ASTMD2457, DIN ENISO2813, DIN67530, ENISO7668, JISZ8741, MFT30064, TAPPIT480, GB9754, GB/T13891, GB7706 and GB8807. Its technical parameters conform with JJG696-2002.
2. Accurate measurement, good repetitiveness.
3. Small in size, easy to carry.
4. Auto calibration.
5. Intelligent design, rapid measurement.
6. Able to store 56 groups of measurements.
7. Can display gloss value of 20°, 60°, 85° at the same time.
8. Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery.
9. Backlight display, suitable for low light environment.
10. Optional Use USB data output to connect with PC.
11. Optional Bluetooth data output choice.
1. Display: 4 Digits Backlit LCD
2. Measuring Angle: 20º/60º/85º
3. Range: 0.1~2000 Gloss Units
4. Gloss Units: GU
5. Accuracy: ±1.0GU
6. Resolution: 0.1
7. Repeatability: ±0.5GU
8. Measuring Area: 7x14mm (Ellipse)
9. Data Memorized: 56 Groups
10. Operating Conditions: Temp:0~40ºC Humidity:<85%RH
11. Power Supply: 3.7V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
12. Dimensions: 140x45x75mm
13. Weight: 310g (Including Batteries)
14. Standard Accessories: Main Unit; Holder with Calibration Standard; AC Adapter; Optical Cleaning Cloth; Carrying Case; Operation Manual.


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