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H51 Concrete Floor Thickness Tester

H51 Concrete Floor Thickness Tester



Concrete Floor Thickness Tester H51

The instrument is used for nonmetallic board thickness testing such as concrete, rock, glass etc. The functions include thickness testing, data analysis, saving and transmission. It is a potable, efficient, precise and intelligent instrument.
1) Long test distance: Test distance can up to 800mm.
2) High precision and stability: Interpreting the board thickness Intelligently can avoid man-made errors and reduce labor intensity.
3) Fast and efficient: Test 3~5 point thickness within 3 minutes.
4) Long service life of sensor: Improve the service life by paste abrasion resistance allowance on the bottom of sensor.
5) The special clasp between extend bar and transmitting sensor can prevent its falling.
6) Can save test date: This function is convenient for laborer data management.
7) Powerful data process and analysis software in Windows.
Technical Data/Measurement
1. Test scope: 40mm~800mm 
2. Permissible error: 40 ~ 600mm ±1mm; 601~ 800mm ±2mm
3. Data storage capacity: 3.2 group data 
4. Operational environment: temperature:-10°C~+40°C Dampness: <90%RH
5. EMI: no strong electromagnetic field
6. Batteries:6 x AA cells, work more than 30 times


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