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HLD-200+ Halogen Leakage Detector

HLD-200+ Halogen Leakage Detector

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Halogen Leakage Detector HLD-200+

General Descriptions:
HLD-200+ is a newly high performance intelligent halogen leak detector. The new shell designed with LED displaying is elegant, easily-carried, easy operation, visual and clear display, etc.
Main features:
1. Visual display and single light diode displays the leak degree in large range in the form of “gradually lights the light”.
2. Providing 6 levels of sensitivity to set the real-time cycle adjustment
3. Battery checked function with tricolor display
4. Detect all kinds of halogenated refrigerants.
5. Easy operation with pushbutton
6. The high effective true mechanical pumping provides positive airflow through sensing tip, which can improve the sensitivity and response speed.
1. The leak-detect in vocation of freeze, refrigeration, and air-conditioner
2. The leak-detect for air-conditioner in the car
3. It will respond to all halogen gases (including Chlorine and Fluorine). Including 
    1) CFCS e.g. R12, R11, R500, R503 etc.
    2) HCFCS e.g. R22, R123, R124, R502 etc
    3) HFCS e.g. R134a, R404a. R125 etc.
    4) Other mixtures, e.g. AZ-50, HP62, MP-39, etc. 
4. Detect Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment (it will detect the homogenate carrier gas.
5. Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breaks
6. Detect most gases including Chlorine, Fluorine and Bromine (halogen gas) 
7. Detect cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as per chloroethyl.
8. Detect halogen gases in fire-extinguishing system.
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: 3VDC (2XAA battery) 
2. Max. Sensitivity: R12, R22, R134a are certified to 6g/yr
3. Ultimate Sensitivity: 3g/yr
4. Probe life: about 30h
5. Operating temperature: 0~52°C
6. Battery life: Approximately 30h under normal condition
7. Response time: Instantaneous
8. Work mode: continuous, no limitation
9. Warm-up time: approximately 6s
10. Reset time: 2s
11. Weight: 200g
12. Probe length: 30.5cm
13. Size: 17.0cmx3.4cmx5.5cm


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