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Mini Centrifuge AMT-M02,AMT-M03,AMT-M04,AMT-M05,AMT-M06

Mini Centrifuge AMT-M02,AMT-M03,AMT-M04,AMT-M05,AMT-M06

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Mini Centrifuge

The mini centrifuge series is perfect designed with novel and unique appearance. It is pretty and skillful, equipped with 2 types of rotors and several tube carriers for 2.0ml / 1.5ml / 0.5ml / 0.2ml tubes and 0.2ml x 8 PCR tube rank. It is designed for feeling. Open/close the cover will automatically start/stop the centrifuge. Built-in timing function. Humanism is fully displayed in its transparent roundness cover, several rotors, and tube carriers for choice.
1. Large radius rotor with 8 tube holes, centrifugal force is 1.5 times bigger than ordinary 6-hole rotor at the same rolling speed.
2. The cover switch is outward designed and superstructure automatically bounce 95 degrees which is convenient for one-hand operation.
3. The rotor is clip-on fixed. It is very convenient for rotors exchanging and pick-and-place.
4. LED display the rolling speed and timing.
5. Practice silent and stable. free-maintenance motor, long life and safe.
6. Delicate appearance. Multi-purpose to meet different experiments demands.
1. Extract serum from blood 
2. Extract the supernatant from a variety of samples
3. Rapid subsidence of samples 
4. Separation of trace blood cells
5. Microbial sample processing 
6. PCR experimental division centrifugal


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