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MS200-T Multi-Tube Vortexer

MS200-T Multi-Tube Vortexer

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Multi-Tube Vortexer  MS200-T

MS200 Multi-Tube Vortexer is with technique of brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. Unique knob operation is easy to use. It can maximum process 50 samples at once. A variety of test tube foams can be selected to meet the mixing needs of different test tubes. It can be widely used in the biotechnology,microbiology, medical analysis and other industries.
1. LED displays time and shaking speed.
2. Easy to operate with one-touch knob.
3. 1min~99h59min time range, automatic warning sound when finish working.
4. A variety of test tube foam racks for option to meet the mixing needs of different test tubes.
5. Soft start, uniform acceleration, effectively avoid samples splashing.
6. Brushless DC motor: precise shaking speed, long service life maintenance-free.
7. Process up to 50 samples at a time to make the experiment more convenient and efficient.
8. Microprocessor control, simple operation panel, LED displays for speed and time.
9. Humanized program design, built-in short mix and timing operation modes.

Project Parameters
Speed range 500~2500rpm
Orbit 4mm
Temp setting range 1min ~100hour
Max load 4.5kg
Power supply 70W
Voltage AC110~220V 50/60Hz
Dimension(mm) 410x276x432
Weight 20kg
Type Foam rack Test tube
MS200-T10 50x¢10mm ¢9~¢10mm
MS200-T12 50x¢12mm ¢11~¢13mm
MS200-T15 50x¢15mm ¢14~¢17m
MS200-T20 50x¢20mm ¢18~¢21mm
MS200-T25 15x¢25mm ¢24~¢27mm
MS200-T29 15x¢29mm ¢28~¢32mm


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