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NF-468PT POE Tester

NF-468PT POE Tester

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NF-468PT POE Tester

Function Features: 
1. Visible LED status display. 
2. Check the RJ11& RJ45  Cable quickly. 
3. Automatically runs all tests and checks for continutiy, open,shorted and crossed wire pairs.
4. Detect if a lan cable is providing power. 
5. detect if the IEEE 802.3af/at PoE voltage runs over the UTP cable and identify the type of PSE (Power Source Equipment) for troubleshooting. 
6. Endurable and prevent of burnout. 
7. 4 lights will be flashing when start PoE test. 
8. Slow and fast test switch.

 Description   NF-468PF NF-468PT
 Verify RJ11 cable
 Verify RJ45 cable
 Detect PoE
 Identify 802.3 at/af  standard  ×
 Leds for PoE function 2 4


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