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R71 Rebar Locators and Corrosion Test Meter

R71 Rebar Locators and Corrosion Test Meter

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Rebar Locators and Corrosion Test Meter R71

Integrate the functions of rebar position test, concrete thickness test, rebar diameter test and rebar corrosion degree test into one product.
Brief introduction
1. Testing concrete cover thickness
2. Test concrete member internal reinforcement position, rebar spacing, reinforcement position distribution.
3. Estimation bar diameter
4. Detection of Cable and Plumbing pipe
5. Detection of steel corrosion extent
1. Bar diameter application range: Φ6 ~ Φ50mm
2. Maximum value permissible error of Bar diameter: ≤±1mm
3. Protective layer thickness measuring range: 
1) The first measuring range: 6 ~ 90mm
2) The second measuring range: 7 ~ 180mm
4. The maximum error of reinforced protective layer thickness test value
1) The first measuring range 6~59mm; The second measuring range 7 ~ 79mm: ≤±1
2) The first measuring range 60~69mm; The second measuring range 80 ~ 119mm: ≤±2
3) The first measuring range 70~90mm; The second measuring range 120 ~ 180mm: ≤±4
5. Work temperature: -10 – +40; relative humidity RH: < 90%
6. Power supply mode: Alkaline cell x 6
1. Measuring Potential: ±2000mV
2. Test accuracy: ±1mV
3. Measuring Space: 1-99cm (adjustable)
4. Ambient Temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C
5. Environment Requirement: to avoid direct exposure to the sun for a long time.
6. Relative Humidity: <90%RH
7. Electromagnetic Interference: no strong alternating electromagnetic field


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