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XS-100 Rebar Corrosion Detection

XS-100 Rebar Corrosion Detection

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XS-100 Rebar Corrosion Detection

1. Easy to operate, fast and accurate read. The result is displayed with numbers or graphics.
2. Displays rebar corrosion degree with 9-level grey or colorful graphics
3. Measured data is inputted to PC software from USB interface.
4. Easy to operate, have concise software interface, have powerful analytical processing, can obtain testing report directly.
Brief introduction
XS-100 rebar corrosion detection is NDT instrument which tests rebar corrosion in the concrete structure. Using electrochemistry method, do the functions for corrosion detection, data analysis, storage and output etc. It is a detection instrument which is handed, measurement accurately and easy to use.
1. Potential electrode: Φ37X127mm
2. Electrode weight: 200g
3. Power supply: Alkaline cell X 6
4. Potential measurement range: ±1000mv
5. Test Accuracy: 1mv
6. Distance of test point: 0~1000mm
7. Data storage capacity: 50000 test points, 5000 test areas
8. Usage temperature range: -10°C ~ 40°C
9. Size: 220*145*60mm


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