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SPD203/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

SPD203/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

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SPD203/Ex Combustible Gas Detector

The gas leak detector can be used in the natural gas is leaked indoors and outdoors, where the gas is produced, stored, used, etc., such as chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, oil depot, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) station, gas transmission and distribution, etc. to detect the leakage and show the leaking concentration or explosion percentage with a digital display. This device can set two-level alarming value. The detector can rise the acousto-optic alarming when the detected concentration reaches the preset value. It adopts high sensitivity sensor from Japan Figaro. The meter’s function is powerful. It also can synchronously measure that time’s temperature and humidity when measuring methane gas.
1)Principle for sensor measurement: semi-conductive method
2)Detectable gas: methane gas
3)Measurement range: 0~10000ppm 0~20%LEL (LEL: Lower explosive limit)
4)Resolution: 1ppm 0.1%LEL
5)Error: ±2%
6)Response time: <3s
7)Measurement temperature range: -5ºC~50ºC
Measurement humidity range: 25%~90%RH
8)Operation environment temperature: -5ºC ~ 50ºC
Operation environment humidity: <90%RH
9)Display: large screen digital LCD
10)Alarming: acousto-optic alarming
11) Power supply: 4×1.5V AA batteries
12)Electric current: <90mA(Measurement status)


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