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AMF103 CO2 Temperature RH Monitor

AMF103 CO2 Temperature RH Monitor

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CO2 Temperature RH Monitor AMF103

Brief introduction:
AMF103 is of a detecting carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity of multifunctional testing instrument. It is widely used in industrial production, hotels, shopping malls, office conference room, library, storage warehouses, airports, train stations, bio pharmaceuticals, family room, school laboratory, library, hospital, agricultural production greenhouses and other places of environmental quality detection
1. Unique shell material design, a long time to use bright as new, the overall appearance,
Humanized button design, easy to operate.
2. High precision, high resolution, fast response;
3. Use matching 220V DC 9V AC power adapter to supply power, can be a long time continuous work;
4. Multiple sets of super large three color LED digital display, clear and intuitive, clear air quality;
5. Carbon dioxide concentration, the lower limit of the alarm value can be arbitrarily set, with two levels of sound and light alarm function, the preset alarm concentration can prompt response and alarm;
6. Sensor using the European imported carbon dioxide sensor, sensor linear output, fast response;
7. Carbon dioxide concentration and temperature and humidity at the same time show that in a timely manner to detect air quality.
Technical parameter: 
1. Measure Range: CO2 concentration: 0~9999PPM; Temperature: -10ºC~100ºC; Humidity: 0~99.9%RH
2. Accuracy: CO2 concentration: ±70PPM±3%reading; Temperature: ±0.6ºC; Humidity: ±3%
3. Resolution: CO2 concentration: 1PPM; Temperature: 0.1ºC; Humidity: 0.1%RH
4. Repeatability: ≤±0.5%
5. Respond time: 10 seconds
6. Working environment: 0°C~50ºC, 0%~90% non-condensing
7. Storage environment: -30ºC~70ºC, 0%~90% non-condensing
8. Power supply: AC 220V;9V 2A adapter
9. Power consumption: 9V*350mA
10. Dimension: 388*288*43mm
11. Weight: 2420g


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