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TC200 Concrete Crack Depth Gauge

TC200 Concrete Crack Depth Gauge

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TC200 Concrete Crack Depth Gauge

● Entire English display, clear and easy to use
● Direct digital read out of the crack depth
● Use special bracket to ensure the accuracy of two testing points
● A data base is set up to store and manage completed test data for analysis reporting
● RS232 interface to PC

Testing range : 4mm~500mm
Tolerance : ≤5mm (when crack depth is less than 50mm)
                   ≤10%W (W means the crack depth) (when the depth is more than 50mm)
Memory : 25000 test data
Power : AA batteries (LR6) x 6
Display : Large graphic display
Operating temperature : -10℃~40℃
Humidity : <90%
Dimension (mm) : 210x153x90
Weight (g) : 880


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