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TC410 Concrete Crack Width Gauge

TC410 Concrete Crack Width Gauge

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TC410 Concrete Crack Width Gauge

● The PDA design with data acquisition probe
● Automatic image recognition and intelligent width calculation technique
● Quick measurement without any adjustment
● Large screen of PDA for the more accurate and clear image
● Image file can be saved in JPEG format
● Powerful processing software can be able to save and analyses image and data

The main probe : Specialized CMOS camera
Controller : PDA
Display mode : Automatic calculation, save and display
Measuring range : 0.01-6.50mm
Accuracy : 0.02mm
Magnification : 60 X
Image formats : JPEG (Around 10K per image)
Memory : Internal memory (SD card extension)
Interface : USB 2.0
Power : Lithium battery
Operating temperature : -10℃~+50℃
Dimensions : 180mmx100mmx50mm
Net weight : 1kg 


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