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VCD-4 Din 4# Viscosity Flow Cup

VCD-4 Din 4# Viscosity Flow Cup

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VCD-4 Din 4# Viscosity Flow Cup

Viscosity Flow Cups are very easy to use instruments made of anodized aluminium with a stainless steel orifice, for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes and similar products. The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds flow time. 
Calibration certificates which offer traceability and assurance that each viscosity cup has been individually tested and comply to Standards are also available.
The cups can be supplied separately or with an adjustable stand which includes a precision level and an overflow glass draw plate. They can also be supplied with a flow jacket for temperature control (thermojacket).
DIN Cup holds 100ml ± 1ml, and has an integrated orifice with a diameter of 4mm ± 0.02mm.
•For low viscosity liquids
•Body made of anodized aluminum
•Stainless steel orifice, interior polished
•Calibrated against standard oils to be within 3%
•Range: 96-683cST
•Time: 20-110 seconds


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