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WIFI Microscope Camera CY-200W,CY-500W,CY-800W,CY-1000W,CY-1600W,

WIFI Microscope Camera CY-200W,CY-500W,CY-800W,CY-1000W,CY-1600W,

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WIFI Microscope Camera

Order Number: 
CY-200W: 200X
CY-500W: 500X
CY-800W: 800X
CY-1000W: 1000X
CY-1600W: 1600X

1. Sensor: high performance sensor 
2. Main Chip: 24 Bit DSP
3. Photo + Video support
4. Light source: white LEDs
5. Static resolution: 1280 x 720
6. Image resolution: 1280 x 720
7. Optical focus: manual
8. Digital focus: support 5X
9. Support Android 4.0 and above, OS 8.0 and above, download APP online. 
10. Battery: 1400mah rechargeable
11. Charge time: 6 hours
12. Working time: 4 hours 
13. Power supply: Micro-USB 5V DC
14. Size: 160 x 33mm
15. Weight: 200g 

Optional: Stand


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