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TD4-PRP PRP Centrifuge

TD4-PRP PRP Centrifuge

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TD4-PRP PRP Centrifuge

PRP Introduction 
PRP called by Platelet Rich Plasma for the density of Platelet can reach the 16 times than blood and it contain the high concentration Growth factors (EGE). It can be widely used in beauty industry and some disease controlling for there have repaired function of wound, soft tissues etc.
PRP treatment is extract the PRP maximally by our PRP centrifuge together used with South Korean PRP kits, and then inject to the areas needed. The whole process are non-operation, non-pollution, easy and effective. Now PRP treatment is the most popular international green non-operative therapy in the world.
PRP Centrifuge Introduction
TD4N PRP Centrifuge is a patented product designed for us by Korean expert. In order to fully release the function of PRP, we have done a lot of research on Rotor, Running Speed, RCF and Time of Acc/Dcc . When it works with Korean PRP kits, can extract the PRP more effective and also shorten the time, improve the work efficiency and make the whole treatment process more simple and quick effective.
Function Features:
1. Stainless drum, anticorrosive, durable and safety; Fashionable Organic glass cover, compact and light weight.
2. Microprocessor control, DC frequency conversion brushless motor. Driving steady with high accuracy of speed and RCF.
3. LCD display, humanised interface, easy to operate.
4. With protection of unbanlance and door cover, alarming function. It’s safe and reliable.
5. Designed specially for Korean PRP kit, improved the survive rate of PRP.
6. With 3 grades of Acc/Dec rate , non-breaking system; Can set freely on the parameters.
7. Complying with CE security certification, and certified by ISO9001 and 13485 quality system.
Technical Parameters
1. Max Speed: 4000r/min
2. Max RCF: 3120xg
3. Swing Rotor: 4×50ml
4. Speed Accuracy: ±20r/min
5. Timer Range: 0~99min
6. Motor: Micro-computer Control, Frequency Conversion Motor
7. Noise: ≤55dB(A)
8. Power Supply: AC110v-220v 50Hz-60Hz 5A
9. Dimension: 460×360×270MM(L×W×H)
10. Weight: 21kg


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