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AMN66 Professional 3 Angles Gloss Meter

AMN66 Professional 3 Angles Gloss Meter

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AMN66 Professional 3 Angles Gloss Meter

AMN66 high quality universal gloss meter can meet standards of ISO2813, ASTMD523, DIN67530 and GB9754, GB9966, GB/T13891, can replace BYK products. it is widely used for:
1. Cars, household appliances, musical instruments, furniture and other industries: paint, paint surface gloss measurement.
2. Construction, decoration and other industries: the floor, marble, granite, ceramic tile surface gloss measurement.
3. Printing and packaging industry: ink, paper surface gloss measurement
4. Other industry needs to surface gloss measurement.


1. Measuring Angle: 20°, 60°, 85°
2. Incidence Angle: Gs(20°):0.0~99.9; Gs(20°):100~2000; Gs(60°):0.0~99.9; Gs(60°):100~1000; Gs(85°):0.0~99.9; Gs(85°):100~160
3. Measuring Spot: Gs(20°): 10*10mm; Gs(60°): 10*20mm; Gs(85°): 8*30mm
4. Division value: 0.1/1GU
5. Reproducibility: 0.2/0.2%
6. Repeatability: 0.5/0.5%
7. Deviation: +-1.5/+-1.5%
8. Zero Point Deviation: 0.2GU
9. Operating Temperature: 10°~40°C
10. Storage Temp: -10°~70°C
11. Relative Humidity: Less then 85%,Non-condensing
12. Power Supply: AA/LR6 battery
13. Size: 137*38*64mm
14. Weight: 380g


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