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AMT8800 Professional Alcohol Tester

AMT8800 Professional Alcohol Tester

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AMT8800 Professional Alcohol Tester

1. Electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor, good reliability and accuracy
2. Colorful LCD indication
3. “Mobile phone” keyboard for operation
4. Intelligent input methods, more concise.
5. Real time and temperature indication
6. Admirable human-device interface
7. Two level audible and visible alarm indication
8. Low battery automatic power off function
9. Measurement unit and alarming level adjustable function
10. Testing record review function
11. Wireless printing function
12. Connect to PC and upload the result
13. Records memory, including test time, result and types of result
14. Password management function
15. Adopt anti-return mouthpiece for health and safety
Technical Data:
1. Sensor type: Electrochemical (fuel cell) alcohol sensor
2. Test Range: 0.000-2.000mg/l (0.400% B.A.C; 4.000‰ B.A.C; 4.000g/l)
3. Alarming level: Pass level: 0.090mg/L (could be modified); Fail level:0.250mg/L (could be modified)
4. Work temperature: -10°C-50°C 
5. Work humidity: < 95%RH (No Dews) 
6. Battery: 2 x AA NiMH batteries, rating capacity: 2.1AH
7. Dimension: 122X67X31mm 
8. Weight: about 120g(excluding battery) 
9. Accuracy: < 0.400 +/-0.020 mg/L; 0.400 – 1.000 +/-5%; 1.000 – 2.000 +/-20% 
10. Certificate: CE, RoHS
11. Package: Standard: Aluminum Alloy suitcase packing for each piece, 5pcs packed in one carton.
12. Carton size is 33*39*45cm, Gross weight per carton is 10.00Kgs.


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