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Combustible Gas Test Meter GS007 GS007A GS007B

Combustible Gas Test Meter GS007 GS007A GS007B

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Combustible Gas Test Meter

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-GS007: Standalone / Single 220V AC
-GS007A: 12V Relay Output
-GS007B: 220V Relay Output
Hot wire type sensor
1. Easy installation and maintenance
2. Modernized design
3. Detect all sorts of combustible gases, LPG and LNG include, city gas
4. Ideal for all kitchens
5. Excellent reliability & high stability
6. Self test function
7. Durable sensor head
8. Less affected by other organic solvent
9. High Accuracy
10. AC ~ DC adaptor included
11. Loud sound signal of 85 dB at alarm mode
12. Three-year limited warranty.
13. Suitable for the safety valve.
1. Sensitivity: Propane LEL: 2.1 Vol% / HEL (UEL): 9.5Vol%
2. Butane LEL: 1.8 Vol% / HEL (UEL): 8.4 Vol%
3. Methane LEL: 5.0 Vol% / HEL(UEL): 15.0 Vol%
4. Power Consumption: 1.7W
5. Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
6. Ambient Humidity: Less than 95% RH
7. Horn Level: 75 Decibels at 10 feet
8. Standby Mode: Green LED on
9. Alarm Mode: Red LED flashes and an acoustic alarm


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