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Grains Moisture Tester GM005

Grains Moisture Tester GM005

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1.Designed for 20 kinds of grains moisture. 
2.LCD display 
-Quick, accurate, convenient
-AC/DC power supply compatible
Technical data:
-Measuring error: less than +/- 0.5%
-Repetitive error: less than 0.2%
-Measuring range:3-35%
-Measuring time: less than 10 seconds
-Environmental temperature: 0-40C
-Power supply: AA alkaline batteries or external 6V DC.
Code Table: P1: Japonica Rice; P2: Soybean; P3: Wheat; P4: Rapeseed; P5: Corn; P6: Barley; P7: Indica Rice; P8: Rice; P9: Large corn; P10: White wheat; P11: Peanut kernel, P12: Sorghum; P13: Black sesame; P14: Sunflower seed; P15: Watermelon seed; P16: Cotton seed; P17: Soybean meal; P18: Cotton seed meal; P19: Rapeseed 


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