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MB80-82 Halogen Moisture Meter

MB80-82 Halogen Moisture Meter

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MB80-82 Halogen Moisture Meter

1.Halogen heating with high accuracy. 
3.LCD display. 
4.Standard heating, step heating and quick heating selectable. 
5.RS232 communications port

Model MB80 MB81 MB82
Range 120g 100g
Readability 0.005g 0.001g  0.0001g
Operating Temperature 5~35°C
Baud Rate 9600
Display LCD
Calibration External
Pan Size 90mm
Dimensions 310 x 205 x 200mm
Weight 5.8Kg
Heating System Halogen Lamp
Temperature Range RT~200°C
Temperature Step 1°C
Moisture Range 0.00~100.00%
Moisture Readability 0.1% 0.04% 0.01%
Timer 1~99min step 1minute
Data Storage 10


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