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MB85 MB86 MB87 MB88 Moisture Analyzer

MB85 MB86 MB87 MB88 Moisture Analyzer

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MB85 MB86 MB87 MB88 Moisture Analyzer

1. Range: MB85, MB86: 0~110g; MB87, MB88: 0~210g
2. Communication Mode: MB85, MB87: Cable; MB86, MB88: Wireless
3. Rechargeable Battery: MB85, MB87: Without; MB86, MB88: With
4. Operating Temp : 5℃-35℃
5.Pan Size: Ø​100mm
6.Heat Source: Halogen Lamp
7.Temp.Sensor: PT 100
8.Temp. Range: 40℃-230℃
9.Temp.Step: 1℃
10.Moisture Range: 0.00%-100.00%
11.Moisture Readability: 0.01%
12.Dry Residual Range: 100.00%-0.00%
13.Dry Residual Readability: 0.01%
14.ATRO: 100%-999%
15.ATRO: 0%-999%
16.Temp Setting: 40℃-230℃ By 1℃ Step
17.Time Setting: 1-99min by 10 s
18.Number Of  Storage: 20
19.Number Of  History: 20
20.Heater: 220V ±15%  50HZ/ 110V±15%   60HZ400W

21.Balance: Input: 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ Output:9V
22.Machine: Input: 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZOutput:24V(Dual-drive)
23.Host Dimension: 215X195X415mm
24.Indicator Dimension: 200X75X135mm
25.Operation Height: 275mm
26.The Chamber Height: 35mm
27.Display: 7 inch touch panel
28.Interface: RS232/RJ45/USB…
29: Communication Mode: Cable;Wireless ;Cable;Wireless
30.Rechargeable Battery:No;10,000mAh;No;10,000mAh

MS Series Moisture Analyzer Functions:
1.  Automatic open the heating chamber. Keep the weighing and test more stable.
2.  7 inch HD display,moisture analysis curve,moisture content%/dry weight %/dry weight direct display;
3.  40-230℃ limit heating temperature;
4.  The test hight 35cm ;
5.  The window can look the test sample;
6.  20 groups of setting address;
7.  20 groups of history can check and print;
8.  Max weight can choose 200g;
9.  HBM weighing sensor;
10. 4 sets of stainless steel;
11. The special material case suit for high temperature test;
12. Appearance and structure to obtain a number of patents;
13. Easy cleaning for open test chamber;
14. Easy fix and repair design;
15. Intelligen system can protect operation not crush by machine;
16. New system update easily.


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