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MB65 MB66 MB67 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

MB65 MB66 MB67 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

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MB65 MB66 MB67  Halogen Moisture Analyzer

1.Halogen heating
3.Stainless steel chamber
4.Temperature and time can be set
5.The percentage of moisture content


1. Model & Range           Readability   Moisture Readability
    MB65: 110g                      5mg                  0.1%
    MB66: 110g                      2mg                  0.04%
    MB67: 110g                      1mg                  0.01%
2. Operating Temperature: 5~35°C
3. Sensor: Load Cell
4. Display: LCD
5. Calibration: External
6. Pan Size: 90mm
7. Dimensions: 200 x 180 x 380mm
8. Weight: 5.8Kg
9. Heating System: Halogen Lamp
10. Temperature Sensor: PT100
11. Temperature Range: 40~199°C
12. Temperature Step: 1°C
13. Moisture Range: 0.00~100.00%
14. Timer: 1~99min step 1s
15. Data Storage: 15


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